Personal Information


Dativa Joseph Shilla

Contact Address:

P. O. Box 2329
Dar es Salaam
Email: sopdatty@yahoo.com, sopdatty@gmail.com
(mobile)+255 787409846/ 717 173968


University of the Ryukyus, Japan, (From 2009 to 2012)
Ph.D. (Environmental Chemistry)
Auckland University, New Zealand, (From 2003 to 2005)
M.Sc. In Environmental Science
University of Dar Es Salaam, (From 1997 to 2001).
B.Sc. In Chemistry, Biology and Education

Research interests

Aquatic pollution and organic geochemistry in marine environments & Production, transport and cycling of organic matter, nutrients and hydrophobic organic pollutants in aquatic ecosystems.


  • Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Industrial Chemistry


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