About Us:

Faculty of Science came into existence in 2006 with Dr. Faustine Ngassapa as the first Dean and twenty two Faculty members. Pioneers Faculty members included Dr. Jullius. Mbuna, Dr. E. Mbukwa, Dr. Zacharia Tano, Dr David Kacholi, Dr. Neema Mogha, Dr. Gasper. Mwanga, Dr. Zubeda Mussa, Mr. Aldo Kitalika, Mr. Mwanyika, Dr. Yohana Msambwa , Ms Magreth Mbwana, Ms Luba Pascoe, Mr. Michael Ryoba, and Ms Cotilde Mathews. The Faculty now boasts of over 70 Faculty members of whom 50 are academic staff and 12 are administrative staff. At inception, the Faculty had 171 students: 91 male and 80 female reflecting a clear attempt to maintain gender Balance. The student Population now stands at 1175 students with about 600 students being first years.

The Faculty offers Bachelor of Science with Education programme which aims at producing secondary school teachers in basic sciences and mathematics. The programme requires a student teacher to study two subjects and education for three years if admitted as an A level graduate. Several subjects combinations are offered including biology/chemistry, mathematics/physics, and mathematics/informatics. Ever since it came into existence, the Faculty of Science has produced over 804 graduate teachers serving Tanzanians in various capacities in the education sector.

The Faculty has moved from strength to strength to boast of over 93 publications in 2014/15 showing the vigour within the Faculty as far Research and publication is concerned.

The Faculty has spacious teaching laboratories with 100 sitting student capacity for Biology and Chemistry and 40 student capacity for physics laboratories. These laboratories have the basic facilities for undergraduate teaching/learning.

Welcome to the Faculty of Science at DUCE